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Last event before the Olympics going down tomorrow. Out of the gate as number 14th.

Men’s qualification at: 11:00 (EST)

Men’s finals at: 13:55 (EST)

Men’s super finals: 14:30 (EST)

Follow finals on Eurosport Player or at “FIS Livescoring”.
Let’s goo!!

Picture from Freestyle Canada

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Tradeinsport är en digital plattform, där du får chansen att investera och stötta mig som idrottare.

Genom investeringen får investerarna tillbaka 20% av mina intäkter under hela 2018. Varje andel ligger på 100 kr/st, desto fler andelar man köper desto större del av intäkterna får man.

Därav gör Trade In Sport det möjligt att stödja idrottare genom kapitalinvesteringar.

Stöd min satsning, samtidigt som du har gjort en investering och har chans på tillväxt.


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7th place at the night event here in Deer Valley!! Such a cool and fun event, can’t wait for tomorrow!! ✌️✌️

Photo: @ludvigfjallstrom

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Heading back home after another great camp in Norway

Walter Wallberg

My entire life has been about skiing. I grew up in Bollnäs, northern Sweden. I was borned in the year 2000 and have always had a huge interest in skiing – mogul skiing in particular.
I started skiing when I was two. I spent many long evenings in the local slopes and I was curious and keen to try all kind of skiing.

I’ve always been passionate about skiing, keen to try different aspects of the sport and I’ve always stubbornly tried to improve. These are the qualities that have made me the skier I am today. When I was ten we moved to Åre permanently so we could be closer to skiing.

It was when we moved to Åre that I became interested in mogul skiing. I started competing in moguls and since my first competition all my focus has been on mogul skiing.

2015/16 was my best season so far. I had my debut in the World Cup in December 2015, only 15 year old. After winning several of the EU competitions, I won the total European Cup. I am the youngest skier ever to have won the overall in the European Cup. I finished the season with a Silver and a sixth place in the Junior World Championships in Duved, Sweden.

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