About Walter Wallberg

My entire life has been about skiing. I grew up in Bollnäs, northern Sweden, together with my father, mother and my two year younger sister. I was borned in the year 2000 and have always had a huge interest in skiing – mogul skiing in particular. I’m also interested in business, especially trading on the stock exchange market.

I started skiing when I was two and my family spent all our free time in the ski slopes and we were often found at Bolleberget or Järvsöbacken. I spent many long evenings in the local slopes and I was curious and keen to try everything; park, tree skiing, big air, slope style, everything!

I’ve always been passionate about skiing, keen to try different aspects of the sport and I’ve always stubbornly tried to improve. These are the qualities that have made me the skier I am today. When I was seven, we bought a cabin in Åre and started spending all free time there. We moved to Åre permanently when I was ten so we could be closer to skiing and the mountains.

It was when we moved to Åre that I became interested in mogul skiing. One day when I was skiing I saw some kids practice in the moguls and I was instantly and totally sold on the sport. I have always liked big jumps and skiing fast so mogul skiing is the perfect combination of these two things. I started skiing in the most advanced line in the park in Åre when I was only six. In 2012, I started competing in moguls and since my first competition all my focus has been on mogul skiing.

2015/16 was my best season so far. I had my debut in the World Cup in December 2015, only 15 year old, but decided to focus on the Europe Cup for the rest of the season. After winning several of the EU competitions, I won the total European Cup. I am the youngest skier ever to have won the overall in the European Cup. I finished the season with a Silver and a sixth place in the Junior World Championships in Duved, Sweden.

“My goal to become the best in the world is what drives me, and this has made me who I am today”

During the season 2016-17, I will study economics and law by correspondence, and be in the Swedish Mogul World Cup team and compete all over the world for the Swedish Colours.