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Walter nominated for male athlete of the year at the Swedish sports gala "Idrottsgalan"

"It's an honor to be nominated, it was great fun to find out. It's something I've been striving for for a long time and it means a lot that it gets so much attention when I won an Olympic gold."

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Walter Wallberg holding up a swedish flag after winning the Olympic gold medal

Walter Wallberg claims the olympic gold medal

"Mikael Kingsbury could only look on as Walter Wallberg produced a stellar run in the final to grab the gold medal."

Walter wearing clothes from I Can I Will

New sponsor: icaniwill

Stoked to start working with icaniwill the coming year. Looking forward being part of this fast growing brand!



Instagram caption: Haha, crazy how well my car blends in to the September colors these days 💛
Thankful to continue my collaboration w/
@berners1925 @cupra_sverigeInstagram caption: Ready for (hopefully) some snow next week! 😂 Big ups to @areskidsport , @sidasyourfootcompany and @blizzardtecnica_sverige once again! Let’s geeet it 👑🫡Instagram caption: We’re out here grinding! 8 degrees Celsius outside, 2 hours swimming and 31 jumps 😂. Fingers crossed for some snow soon 🙏😂🫣Instagram caption: Vo2 MAX test! Toughest test we do twice a year. Still super sore #from yesterday! 😂 but fun to follow the progress 😎😎Instagram caption: Åre swipe ⛰️👈Instagram caption: Couple behind the scenes shots from today’s photo session with @icaniwill . Content coming shortly 🤝🫡Instagram caption: Over n’ out! Thanks Austria for some sun, schnitzel and a good ramp-camp 😂😎Instagram caption: Austria views ⛰️🏔️
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